DEV BLOG 14 : World Building – Upgrades – New Level

November dev blog! We talk about adding more story, new upgrades and a new environment!

DEV BLOG 13 : Halloween – Community Testing – Feedback

Sharing our Halloween spirit with you all! As well as showing what we’re doing with the feedback we’ve received! Have a look!

DEV BLOG 12 : EGX – Recruiting

September Dev Blog! Join us as we talk about our experience at EGX! We also might have some job roles!

DEV BLOG 11 : Gamescom -Home – Story

We talk about Gamescom and added features as we prepare for the early access!

DEV BLOG 10 : Trailers – Podcasts – Banners

Join us for the July Dev Blog where we talk about the early access, how we are promoting and free goodies for you!

DEV BLOG 9 : Characters-Wreckage-Meteor Showers

Take a peek at what we have been working on for our early access as well as events we will be attending! 

DEV BLOG 8 : GaMaYo – Animations – Mission Types

We went to an event in Leeds where we showcased our demo! Have a read and look at what we’ve added for the early access coming soon!

DEV BLOG 7 : Tutorials – New Levels – Combat

Come on over and read about what we’ve been working on for the early access!

DEV BLOG 6 : Feedback – Next Steps

Our update is out, we talk about the feedback we received, what we are doing with it and what our plans are!

DEV BLOG 5 : DEMO Update – Testing

We have more to show you on the free demo update that’s coming soon! As well as showing how we’ve been vigorously testing and squishing bugs!

DEV BLOG 4 : Demo -Pickups – Combat

An exciting new blog to tease you about the update we will be making to the free demo!

DEV BLOG 3 : Navigation- Job Types – Upgrades

We talk about the new menu system, the different job types and where to spend all of your hard earned credits!


A dev blog to summarise our time at EGX London. Our first showcase of the game and it was a huge hit! Thank you to everyone who played and gave feedback!

DEV BLOG 1 : Venture – Salvage – Upgrade

Our first dev blog to tell you what Space Salvage is all about. Learn the ins and outs of the game and join us on our journey to building Space Salvage.



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