DEV BLOG 17 : Burning Stars-Hazards Galore – National Space Center

February Dev Blog! It might be the shortest month of the year but it is jam packed with Space Salvage goodness! 

DEV BLOG 16 : Team Members – VFX & Models – Levels

January Dev Blog! We’ve got a lot of new team members, some magic wizardy in the VFX and new levels have been built!

DEV BLOG 15 : VFX Overhaul – Dyson Sphere – Enemies & NPCs

Dive into Decembers dev blog to look at new VFX, new entities and crazy new Dyson Sphere!

DEV BLOG 14 : World Building – Upgrades – New Level

November dev blog! We talk about adding more story, new upgrades and a new environment!

DEV BLOG 13 : Halloween – Community Testing – Feedback

Sharing our Halloween spirit with you all! As well as showing what we’re doing with the feedback we’ve received! Have a look!

DEV BLOG 12 : EGX – Recruiting

September Dev Blog! Join us as we talk about our experience at EGX! We also might have some job roles!

DEV BLOG 11 : Gamescom -Home – Story

We talk about Gamescom and added features as we prepare for the early access!

DEV BLOG 10 : Trailers – Podcasts – Banners

Join us for the July Dev Blog where we talk about the early access, how we are promoting and free goodies for you!



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