Space Salvage Blog #17:
Team Members – VFX – Levels

February Dev Blog! It might be the shortest month of the year but it is jam packed with Space Salvage goodness! Get ready for some awesome VFX and maybe even a group photo of all the fruity devs together.

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Burning Stars

You have seen bits and pieces of our Megastructure destroy missions, but it doesn’t stop being impressive with just the giant metal sphere that you have to infiltrate and pick apart. This structure is built around a massive Star! You can use this to your advantage by hurling chunks into the flames, but be careful, get too close and you will start crisping up yourself.

Here is a lovely little transition that our star went through to get to the glorious final stage.

VFX & Models

VFX: Nuclear Anomaly

So far we’ve showed off quite a few wreck yards out in space, with ships from battles long forgotten. You couldn’t have expected them all to be safe, right? Yes sure, while some ships still have their rusty turrets able to fire when they detect movement in range, others reached a whole new level of corrosion. With no working parts left, these hunks of rust float off into the galaxy, reacting with different gas in space. Sometimes accidents happen. Keep your eyes peeled and try not to become one yourself when you see a ship emitting this anomaly.  

Crushed FUGU

FUGU carrier ships can be found in all parts of the galaxy, however it’s a grizzly sight to stumble upon the poor ships all squashed up. It takes a  particularly cruel assailant to go for these peaceful worker shuttles. If you stumble upon a ship graveyard with lots of FUGU I’d advise keeping your guard up and being extra careful when coming into contact with other pilots in those areas.  










National Space Center

At the beginning of the month, the Fruity Systems Dev team had the luxury of meeting up in person and visiting the National Space Center in Leicester! This was a real treat considering not everyone on the team lives in the UK and we rarely get the chance to have some face to face quality time. As a studio that formed during the Covid-19 Lockdowns, we cherish the moments we get to all collaborate in person. This location was great for sparking new ideas and reflecting on the progress we’ve made so far in the development of Space Salvage, while keeping us excited for what’s to come.

If you’d also like to visit, here’s a link to the Space Center:




















What’s to come!

In the following month our CEO Paul Tapper will be attending the Game Developer Conference down in San Francisco. If you’re also attending and would like to meet up, do not hesitate to email info@fruitysystems. 

In terms of development you can expect the next month to be a bit of a slow-burner as we work on story packed missions!