Space Salvage Blog #1 : Venture – Salvage – Upgrade

Hello to all Space Salvage Cadets. Welcome to our first blog update.

With EGX coming right around the corner, we figured everyone would like to know what they are getting into, who their Overlords most trusted employers are and what does Space Salvage entail.


Venture: Vast Environments

Space Salvage provides you with a once in a lifetime experience. Work under the almighty Space Salvage Corporation(SSC). They have given you the chance to venture through vast environments filled with salvageable goodies accompanied by danger. With your pod, fly through asteroids, dodge meteor storms and blow stuff up! 

We have multiple environments for you to explore all with a different scenario and story; so you can never be bored when flying out and starting your day at work. It is also under SSC rule to not be bored or deductions to your salary will be made.

Due to SSC feeling generous, we are able to provide you with some screenshots of the type of environments you are going to explore.


Salvage: Collect Useful Cargo

As a Space Salvage Corporation Cadet, you are expected to fly through dangerous territories while picking up anything that could be useful. Containers are scattered around and you need to grab them with your tractor beam. This highly expensive technology has been kindly provided for your pod by Space Salvage Corporation (SSC).


Each container you find will have a different price value; some will provide you nothing, others will give you the big bucks. However, those are most likely guarded by mines or some other sort of danger. Luckily for you, SSC has also provided your pod with a deluxe C Beam Defense Lazer, which is conveniently programmed with your controller stick. Fire away at enemies, but be careful to not destroy any cargo as this will also be deducted from your salary.

Upgrade: Expand your Pod

As you carry on with your journey you’ll become more used to your surroundings, an expert at piloting your pod and know where all the good loot is. You’ll then want to explore more dangerous and deadly areas in which your pod can not survive. SSC is kind enough to provide you a store that will give you the chance to upgrade your pod; whether this be increased health, a bigger fuel tank or adding new features such as a shield. However, nothing is free and everything is overpriced so salvage as much as you can.


What’s to come

We hope this has given you a better insight to what Space Salvage offers. We have some features to come, such as a Cadet Ranking System, Factions and more. We’re really looking forward to creating a unique space experience in the VR world and can’t wait to release it in 2022.  

If you’re in London, we have a demo lined up at EGX on the 7th-10th October 2021. For more information be sure to sign up on our newsletter and follow us on our social media!

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