Space Salvage Blog #16:
Team Members – VFX – Levels

January Dev Blog! The start of the new year! Hope you all had a great start because we sure did! We’ve got a lot of new team members, some magic wizardy in the VFX and new levels have been built! 

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Team Members

We wanted to introduce you all to our 4 new members, all with their own specialities and personalities!

Peter Fox

Peter is the Game Audio Designer for Fruity Systems. He has a (BA) First Class Degree in Music Production and has several years experience working with sound in video games. He comes from a background of live sound, doing festivals and conferences etc. He turned to Music Production later at university, becoming more studio focused. During his last year at university, he discovered game audio and dedicated the year to learning the skills required to work in the games industry. He also has previously worked with spatial audio and brings this knowledge to enhance the games audio and immersion.

Daniel Tunc

Daniel Tunc is the Technical Artist for Fruity Systems. Daniel has experience in a wide-range of developer tasks, specializing in shaders/visual effects, handling and implementation of 3D artist assets, programming, XR/VR rigging and programming. Dan has been crazy about virtual spaces since 2014, when he got his hands on a Oculus Developer kit whilst directing a documentary about V.R whilst studying film.

Tamsin Page

Hello! My name is Tamsin, currently still a student at Falmouth University, studying Game art, though excited to join the team. Acting as a 3D artisit, though have backgrounds from chef to teacher to lumberjack to postie. The best video game (series) is Mass effect and I come in the flavour of cheese.

Oskar Wadowski

I’m Oskar, 3D Artist at Fruity Systems. Graduated from University for Creative Arts in 2019 in ‘BA Computer Game Arts’ focusing on 3D environment art and design. Being a lifelong gamer, I enjoy all manner of genres; strategy and survival games being my absolute favourite of them all.

VFX & Models

VFX: DL-Drive

Oh boy is this amazing. As you may or may not know, when it comes to the Oculus, there are a lot of limitations when creating fancy things. Glow, opacity and all sorts are not allowed as it won’t run smoothly on the Oculus headset. However, Dan was able to create a shader that will allow objects to be portaled through. How you ask? Through magic wizard techniques and a very, VERY large shader graph with thousands of nodes. 

Corperium Fighters

A new unit has been spotted! The Corperium have developed an aggressive flyer to shoot down and chase anyone who comes their way. These fast and frightening machines are not to be taken lightly, so be careful when you’re out there collecting and cleaning. They show no mercy to anyone.  











So many new things have been added and implemented! One of them being the many new levels! We’ll only be giving you a small amount of information and snippets of each one, we don’t want to ruin all the fun for you


A cargo recovery mission where a lot of valuables are hidden in cove like structures made out of asteroids. However, don’t be fooled, as they are defended by the F.L.O.C drones! They’ve got a new type of ally, a drone which can heal their allies! So they won’t go down so easily!


3 Datalite towers are used for aggregating mortgage data. They are currently being activated to gather that data, however, they need to lower their shields during this time. I know, who built this? However, you aren’t able to question your boss! While the shields are down, they are vulnerable, so you’ll need to defend and fight off the pests! Just until they regenerate their shields again, are you up for the task? 








A new race has been unlocked! This will be much harder than the previous race and longer! Obstructed by larger spinning objects, mines and all sorts! Will you be able to find the shortest path? Dodge all the obstacles? We hope not!


Is that a new skybox I see? Yes! It is! Absolutely stunning work from our artist Yasmina, who is also in charge of the level designs! What type of missions would you want in this environment?

What’s to come!

More new levels, models, vfx and all sorts are to come! We are powering through Space Salvage to give you the best experience we can! So excited for this year and to carry on building this game!
As always, thank you for reading this months dev blog, see you next month!