Dev Blog 20: POD UPDATE! SAG vs SSC and Bugs, bugs, bugs!

May Dev Blog! Breathtaking interior pod makeovers, S.A.G. playing dirty compared to other SSC companies, and a lot of bugs popping up in certain parts of the galaxy… Literally!

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S.A.G. vs SSC!

S.A.G. is taking over competitor ads in Barnard’s Star, and not in the way we expected. We got intel from one of our radio towers saying they’re not playing by the rules! They even went as far as to break the commercial transmitter and set up traps around the components all around. Defeat them and take back what is ours!

Bugs, bugs and bugs!

Ooey-gooey grubs have made their way to Errai! Disgusting right? Think again, as these critters are peaceful and helpful in times of need. They will light up the dark corridors within the asteroids in Errai to help guide you safely through them! Don’t shoot them, we’ve heard there aren’t many of them left, as they are an endangered species!

On the topic of bugs, here are some silly ones that weren’t as helpful.

You’d thought drones would be against you… I guess sometimes even the drones want to be part of the good side!

Space Pod Update!

The old pod is getting a new makeover! Feedback was taken from community testing on Discord, so don’t miss out on future feature tests! With new custom adjustable leather seats, colorful buttons, musical notes, as well as the brand-new gravity gun, all work, is light work! Explore the galaxies in style and show off your new space pod. Make sure not to scratch it, as we worked hard creating the most astonishing space pod there is! Here is the updated design built around function and comfort.













What’s to come!

We are nearing the last stretch of development, with only a few levels yet to be built. We are taking a moment to polish what we have so far. We want all our players to experience the best game possible, while still beautiful at the same time!