Space Salvage is a retro-sci-fi VR game aimed at the Meta Quest 2 and 3, featuring PCVR compatibility. Get started at your new job as a trainee pod operative for Space Salvage Corporation. Learn to skilfully manoeuvre your way through the galaxy in your one-person utility craft…which might have not been intended to survive harsh environments or run-ins with scavengers. Flying through the galaxy can get lonely. Thankfully, your enthusiastic, but amoral pod computer, will keep you company, but remember, in space, no one can hear you clean! 

What sets us apart?

Space Salvage invites you to pretend that your dining room chair is the seat of a spacecraft for a little while. Explore a game world riddled with dry humour and 80s sci-fi pop culture references. Choose your own play style, whether it be a relaxing search for valuables across nebulae, upgrading your armament to win inter-faction dog fights, or both! Learn to operate and navigate your Space Salvage Corporation pod, by physically grabbing and manipulating the throttle and flight stick, for an immersive flight simulation.

The Team at Fruity Systems

Paul Tapper is the founder and CEO of Fruity Systems. Paul has a PhD in Pure Mathematics and worked for 12 years as a game programmer and then lead game programmer, working for Gremlin Interactive, Infogrammes and Team 17. He released commercial games for PC, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Gamecube and PSP, including Hogs of War, Worms 3D and Worms Mayhem. Paul is also the founder and CEO of Nugen Audio (nugenaudio.com), a UK based software company that develops software audio tools for broadcast, film, and music. Paul is also a trustee of LSLCS; a Leeds based mental health charity.

Stefan Senior is the Lead Artist for Fruity Systems. He has six years as a primarily 3D artist within the games industry but has also spent time as a lecturer of game-asset creation at the university level. He has been responsible for look-dev, concepting and creating the majority of in-game assets, alongside narrative design and world building for the upcoming title, Space Salvage. Stefan has been working with virtual reality since the arrival of development kits back in 2014 and has a real enthusiasm for the medium as well as its potential in the future of gaming.

Amy Hoang is a Game Development Assistant for Fruity Systems. Amy has experience in a lot of different sectors of game creations and is currently specializing in motion graphics, UI design and animation within the team. Amy is responsible and passionate about creating a recognizable brand, built around our USP. Her market research skills and knowledge of sci-fi pop culture have helped immensely in designing a distinguishable merchandise for Space Salvage.

Corrin Wilson is a Game Development Assistant for Fruity Systems. Corrin has a (BA) First Class Degree in Game Design and a (HE) Distinction Degree in Computer Science, having seven years’ experience programming in C based languages. During his years of academia Corrin discovered a deep appreciation for VR as a new piece of technology that is perfectly suited for neurodivergent audiences. Corrin contributes to this quickly advancing facet of gaming by leveraging both his technical ability and his personal understanding of the positive effects VR brings to the wellbeing of our customers.

Yasmina Fadel is a Game Development Assistant for Fruity Systems, which specializes in environment and concept art. Yasmina’s interests and area of study lead her to achieving a First-Class BA (hons) Degree in Games Design and a MA in Virtual and Augmented technology. Alongside artistic and design-oriented affinity, Yasmina is deeply invested in marketing the game towards the audience who would find the most enjoyment out of the product the whole team is pouring their love and effort into. As a creative business owner for over 4 years, her expertise in reaching and accommodating an audience is essential to us.


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