Space Salvage Blog #10 : Trailers – Podcasts – Banners & more!

July Dev Blog is here already, few! Check out what we have been up to, and as always, please follow the links to help us out more; leave a review on the app lab page if you haven’t already!

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A trailer?! A trailer!!! It is time to build a proper showcase for all the work we’ve poured into Space Salvage so far… even though we plan to at least triple content from early access to full release. To those of you who have played the demo you would know we care about POLISH, small team or not. We want our first trailer to reflect this, so we are working with Ana Burn.
Here is a little behind the scenes of the XR video production, and we are just as excited as you are to see the finished product.

VR Verdict Podcast

We were politely invited by PJ and Wookie who host VR Verdict to join them, for an episode, how cool is that! The recording is on YouTube for those of you that are interested, two of our devs joined in for a casual chat about future plans for Space Salvage, what to expect from early access and our favourite cheeses. It was a very welcoming space, and we hope to maybe make a reappearance after the early access launch coming soon with maybe more of the team to add to the casual chaos.


Pull up banner and Pins

Last month we mentioned we are headed to Koln in August for Gamescom. We have been preparing some special Space Salvage decorations for the event. Check out this cool pull-up banner we will be bringing with us! It features the new art you will see in store once the Oculus submission process is through and the game is available for purchase, so get familiar with it. It should make it easier to spot in the massive crowd, but we will also be getting team shirts to help.


You did not think we were the only ones getting some cool swag, did you? We will be bringing some lovely metal pins with us to hand out to those of you that give that visit us and play the demo (or if you already have let us know, brownie points if you left a rating!). Pins are currently in production, but we have a concept sketch we sent to our manufacturer, expect surprise details and sparkle on the finished product!

World Building

Slid Whistler

Our last quest giver for the early bird build, Slid is an estate agent for F.Loc another intergalactic corporate giant. He probably got where he is now because of his uncle being a company chair… though he is definitely a good fit for it regardless. He might not be a very… “loved” figure around SSC and some previous pilots refused to work with him, but he is a frequent customer with deep pockets, so maybe don’t screw this connection up 114. Who knows, maybe it will come in handy in the future?


Speaking of F.loc and their estate acquisitions branch, they certainly do invest in some adverts down in Merope and other popular space channels. In fact, in Merope you can see a hoist of adverts from brands, small to large, that can afford a spot on the big screens of a jumbotron. Here is a collection of a few you might encounter. We hope they add a little flavour and some teasers towards a much richer game world we hope to offer you all moving forward.



















What’s to come!

We are preparing to submit our build for review within the next couple of weeks, so  we can safely assume there will be a lot of testing, tweaking, balancing and adding finishing touches coming up. A big piece missing from the puzzle but about to join in is the player’s hub environment, which should be done within the next week, and we’re very excited to show it off, so stay tuned!