Space Salvage Blog #11 : Gamescom – Home – Story

August Dev Blog! Time is flying by fast! Check out what we have been up to and, as always, please follow the links to help us out more; leave a review on the app lab page if you have not already!

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Gamescom, one of the biggest conventions we are attending this year! (so far) At the time of this dev blog release, we are still at Gamescom, so if you haven’t already, head on over to our booth, play our demo and come talk to us!
Before we jump into the recap of this month, we just want to share a few pictures, free goodies and just to say thank you to everyone who has tried our demo! As well as showing off our new hero image!




















We’ve got a snazzy new place for all SSC members to hang out, chill and pick their missions! Grab a juice box, slice of food flavoured cake, anyone? And do not mind the mess, SSC do not pay for janitors.

This is where you will be selecting your missions, upgrading your pod and even looking at your own stats! This environment opens up a bunch of functions for you while you relax at the bar, mingle with your fellow employees and stare out into the window to see the vast galaxies you will be exploring!











Other than aimlessly scavenging for cargo, doing backyard races, shooting down drones, there will be special missions that tell a tale of this vast world. They will have bespoke assets as well as certain mechanics and puzzles for you to decipher; large enemies may appear. Will you be forced to fight or run? Only time will tell, and we can not wait to release this early access for you to find out.
Enjoy a small snippet of the story mission, which has a couple of placeholder items.

What’s to come!

We are sorry there is not much this month. With Gamescom and us working on getting early access ready (and it is VERY soon) we have been a little bit tied down. So thank you all for your patience, and we hope that this early access satisfies you all and has very little bugs!