Space Salvage Blog #12 : EGX – Recruiting

Time for the September Dev Blog! There has not been much lately as we have been going to many conventions and talking to you all! We wanted some quality time with you guys and that is what we did at EGX!

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What an amazing convention EGX was! It was just as good as last year, maybe even better! A lot more VR games, talks and even a section! We felt the VR love.

We reconnected with a lot of influencers and press from last year, as well as some of you from Gamescom! Not only that, but we would just like to thank you all for supporting us and sticking with us in our journey to create Space Salvage! We hope you enjoyed the demo as well as the pins, bookmarks and other free merch!

Below are some images of the EGX event:




















We would like to give you all a heads-up that we will be recruiting soon! We will have multiple roles available, so if you know someone who is either into VFX, creating music or a 3D artist, that is knowledgable in unity, then please let them know! 

For more information, join our discord for all the links as they will be the first to get the links and announcements.

Likewise, we will be making an official ad posting later on; on multiple job sites, so be on the lookout!

What’s to come!

We have amazing news next month that I am not allowed to tell you yet, but do not worry, it is definitely worth the wait! An announcement that even shocked us! So please stay tuned for next month!