Space Salvage Blog #13 : Halloween – Community Testing – Feedback

It is the spooky season! We want to just say Happy Halloween to you all and hope you get all the treats you wanted!
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‘Tis the season of spooky! Here at Fruity Systems, we are very much into any and all holidays and events, so we wanted to share scary-ness with you! Some of our team members made a very cute Fruity Systems logo for their pumpkin, as well as a puking one, both very scary and adorable!

Have a look at the pictures!










Community Testing

If you have not heard already, we will not be releasing the Early Access any more, but instead will release when the full game is completed and ready! This is due to us getting a publisher! We are very excited as it is an amazing feat for a small indie team; we did feel bad but instead, allowed the community to test out what we were going to release for Early Access instead!
You were able to get into the testing if you were in our discord, so if you haven’t already, come and join us! You might be able to jump in on the next set of testing!

The community has been a huge help and the feedback we have received so far has been absolutely amazing! We’d just like to give them all a big thank you for taking the time to play, test and write feedback for us! We’ve learnt a lot, found a lot of bugs and are working on improving them all! 


From the feedback we have received from the community testers, one piece of feedback that kept popping up was the AI in the drones! They would get stuck in small places and lose all of their threatening evil-ness when you would find one. Poor little drone 🙁

That is why we have improved our AI! No more flying into areas that will get them stuck, and no more crashing! (hopefully) Only danger for you in the vast world of Space Salvage! So prepare your space butts and lasers for when you go against the new AI!

We will even share a small peek of how they are doing below, they can even do loop de loops now, be scared!

What’s to come!

We will be working more on the feedback given by our Community to improve Space Salvage. We even enjoy and use the feedback we get from the demo! Next month, we will share more about what we are improving or changing, so look forward to our improvements! We might even show new levels, who knows, have a great spooky month everyone! 

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