Space Salvage Blog #14 : World Building – Upgrades – New Level

Happy November all! We have a lot to show you this month, so grab yourself a drink while you read this months Dev Blog!

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World Building

We have been doing a bit of world building for Space Salvage, especially in the form of posters! You will see these plastered around billboards, the hub and maybe even in your pod! You will learn more about the company brands selling you all their products, as well as SSC, your corporate overlords!

One of the big changes we have is the renaming of the Space Salvage pod, formerly known as the M.K 11, will be renamed to “Driver Enabled Recovery Pod” (D.E.R.P for short). This is much catcher for your everyday space pilot!
Have a look through the multiple posters we have and learn the SSC etiquette! Who knows, maybe later we’ll even show you some advertisement for rival companies of SSC…


























You will have different types of drones to fend off when exploring as well, so be careful when flying out there! Other than shooting them down, you may even be able to stun them with a fancy new upgrade! We will not talk too much about this kind of upgrade right now, but here’s a sneaky peek at what that upgrade could do to the poor drones.


Speaking of upgrades! We have new and shiny(ish) toys for you and your D.E.R.P! SSC have developed new upgrades to help you in your venture through the vast galaxies of Space Salvage! Let us get into each one!

Gravity Gun

A gun which allows you to fire at objects and move them to where ever you want them to go! This function allows us to give players more intricate missions, such as fixing broken mechanical objects, opening/unlocking containers or just throwing junk into a giant sun! Whatever your heart desires!
Here are some videos of the gravity gun in action!

We had a bit of trouble getting this to work as moving the object while rotating your D.E.R.P caused a lot of crazy bugs to appear, such as the object that was being held, would spin and move around in an erratic manner.
Here is a video of how we had to keep adjusting to get it right; explained by the lovely Paul Tapper, CEO of Fruity Systems.

Hack Tool

Have you ever gone against drones? Wanted them to shoot at something other than you? Well look no further as the SSC have developed a new hacking tool! Turn your enemies against each other with this brand-new upgrade! Against a swarm of floc drones? Don’t worry, the hacking tool will convert those little buggers into your friendly AI! 

We’ve currently only made them stop hitting you, but in the future, they will target your foes!

New Level

We have mentioned the gravity gun and its many uses, as well as shown you a few videos on it! But let us put that gravity gun to work!

Our new level centres around the use of the gravity gun, as well as introduces a new contender to the world of Space Salvage. Meet the Salvage Acquisitions Group (SAG), a rival company to your great and mighty overlords, SSC. These hooligans have decided to destroy the transmitter in a popular telemarketing location and replaced all of our SSC propaganda adverts with SAG adverts! The audacity!
It is up to you to find all the missing parts and fix the transmitter using the gravity gun! But be warned, it will not be an easy grab and go…










What’s to come!

We are working on adding a lot of new levels, upgrades and story! The coming months should be packed with quite a lot of new things to show you, so look forward to them!
Thank you for reading this months dev blog, and we will hopefully see you next month!