Space Salvage Blog #18:
New Levels – SFX & VFX – GDC

March Dev Blog! New levels involving cute little grubs, some fancy new VFX, and we attended GDC! Read on to find out more!  

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New Levels


Colstin has found a new and interesting area for you to salvage cargo from. Fly through the asteroids, finding the best path possible. Will you run out of fuel? Who knows, but Colstin needs that cargo, so get to it! You might even notice some bright lights inside the asteroids; I wonder who could be lighting up the path for you? Well, of course, it’s your friendly grub! Protected by all the galaxy, so NO SHOOTING ALLOWED! You could try, but…there could be consequences…














Corperium have hired you to remove some pesky joos the scav keep leaving in their warehouses. Maybe they leave it in there because it’s perfect temperature to produce the darn things! Whatever it is, you need to get rid of them. The inner workings of a Corperium warehouse is very intricate, containing many doors that you will have to open and look through, as well as some unfriendly drones. You would think, Corperium would let their workers know you are trying to help them, but I guess not!








SFX : DL-Drive

Warships have been upgraded to produce a more digital warp in effect. You will never know when or where they will appear, but if you see that blue mass, hear that daunting noise, something’s coming, and you better run.
(Do not forget to turn the sound on)

VFX : Fuse

Do you remember the Dyson sphere? Well, it holds many secrets and hidden vaults inside. Here is a sneak peak at some sort of fuse…? I wonder what this could be used for; I am sorry, we are unable to provide you the full information due to Corperium NDAs.  

VFX : Explosion

A large explosion has been seen from the distance, what type of artillery could cause such a giant impact?


If you remember from last months dev blog, our CEO, Paul Tapper, attended the Game Developer Conference (GDC) in San Fran! He met many amazing people, talks, saw a lot of crazy things, even a dancing cat…? Browse through the pictures below to see more!













What’s to come!

We have had our community test out a new pod layout and a lever to adjust your seat! Next month we will talk about how it went, what the conclusion is and showing off more levels!
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As always, thank you for reading this months dev blog, see you next month!