Dev Blog 19: Bits, Bobs, Bugs and Warehouses

April Dev Blog! Our first interior level, animated characters, new assets, and a lot of bug fixing! Read on to find out more!

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First Interior Level


The Corperium warehouse of cervantes is finished! Maneuver carefully as it contains many doors, as well as some unfriendly drones. Here are some details of the warehouse and some concept art!
















You would think, Corperium is on your side, but clearly they are not!

Animated Characters:


Characters will be animated on the home UI screen using Live2D meshes. Starting new quest lines will look even better as we work on more quality of life improvements!

New Art Assets:

The past few weeks have been full of exciting developments and improvements. We have some new assets we want to share with you below!!








You would think, Corperium is on your side, but clearly they are not!

Warp Gate:













Make sure to further your journey when entering these warp gates!

What’s to come!

From behind the scenes work to new content, we’ve been busy making some impactful changes

As we work hard to bring you the best gaming experience possible, our final chapter of the game is still undergoing. Keep a lookout for future Dev Blogs for exciting new content to come!

Meet the team!

We will also be at Gamayo (10th May) for those of you attending the event. Come say hi and meet the team!