Space Salvage Blog #6 : Feedback – Next Steps

It’s our March update and as majority of you know, we have released our new update to the demo! We would like to start this off by saying a few thanks before we begin the dev blog.
Firstly, thank you to all who have played our new update! We have reached over 16k clicks and nearly 100k views on SideQuestVR! This is an amazing feat and we’d like to thank you all!

SidequestVR have even added us to their staff picks! We are so grateful for all of the support!

If you’ve played the demo, please leave us a review on the app lab page! It would help us out alot and your feedback is always wanted! If you haven’t, have a go and let us know what you think.
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As you know, our update to the free demo was recently released and we’ve had amazing feedback from the community! We’d like to showcase some of the reviews we’ve gotten so far on the app lab page!

We’ve also been given feedback on our discord to help us improve the game. A few of you have mentioned how grabbing the controls sometimes doesn’t grab the right one; don’t worry, we are listening and we are working on a fix for this!

We will be reading all the feedback we receive and improving them in the next update!
Now here is where the fun begins and we will be talking about what the next moves are for Space Salvage.

Next Steps

The next update we release will be the beginning of our early access. As you all know, our game is not free, only the demo is. We just want to clearly state this so you all aren’t caught by surprise. 

Now let’s talk about what this early access will have in store!

NEW Home UI System

Previously, we all showed you a tablet/handheld system which had physical buttons to allow you to navigate in the home environment. It allowed you to choose which missions, upgrades and to promote. However, we thought that the handheld was very limiting due to the physical buttons, new things couldn’t be easily added and it was difficult to teach the player how to use it. UI shouldn’t be like that, it should be something simple and easy to understand.

Due to this, we have revamped the home UI! Say hello to your “friendly” robot, provided by your favorite company Space Salvage Corporation! This is a touch screen which will allow you to manipulate through all the missions, shops and your stats!

Below are some concept designs on what your UI system could look like, including their exterior, the menu design and even a video about the implementation of the UI!


We have a lot of missions lined up for you in the early access! The demo was just a teaser to what we have! Of course, your main task as an SSC employee is to collect the flying cargo in space; however, no one said you were the only one in space.


Let’s start with tutorial missions. Now as gamers ourselves, we understand that sometimes, you don’t want to play a tutorial and just want to figure things out yourself; so we have made it that all tutorials are optional. However, we would recommend you try them as they may include some fun tidbits. An exampple of this is learning how to fly your pod. We’ve created a little race course for it! That’s all we’ll say for now as we don’t want to ruin it for you all, but please look out for the videos we’ll be posting on social media!

The missions we will be implementing will vary from calming, simple, collecting missions to high intensity destroying missions. There are alot of drones, enemy ships, turrets and all sorts out there trying to stop you from doing your job! However, you won’t be able to take any of them down until you buy your laser! So grab as many credits as possible and purchase the upgrade, it is highly recommended by SSC! A little teaser for you guys is that we might even have environmental factors obstructing your missions and just ruining your day. We want to make this game fun and challenging for you all, but we want to give everyone the option of what type of missions they want to play. We know that there are a few of you who just enjoy flying around and exploring the beautiful environments; whereas others want that challenge and intense moments.

Another type of mission you will encounter are story missions. These will unlock as you progress and increase your employee rank. We don’t want you to just aimlessly fly through space, we want to give you the option to have story missions and to get a better understanding of the type of world you’re in and your true mission. 

We won’t ruin any of it for you so for now, here is a little peek at some of the environments you’ll be flying through.

Ranking System

Another important factor is the ranking system. We have touched a bit about this on our first dev blog and how it works, but to refresh your memory, you will need to complete a set of requirements before you are allowed to rank up; this can be accessed when you select shop -> promotion. Ranking up allows new things to be unlocked, such as upgrades, weapons and missions!
For this early access, we are hoping to let you rank up once, to give you the feel of how it works and working towards a goal.

What’s to come!

We are currently working on the early access, using all the feedback given to us as well as implementing the new features mentioned in the blog and more!

We are even working on bringing Space Salvage to other headsets, so please wishlist it on Steam so you get notified of it straight away.

We will keep you up to date on what’s happening from our monthly dev blogs, or if you want the updates straight away, follow our social media and join our discord!

If you want to give us more feedback, please feel free to leave a review in the app lab page, it would help us a lot!



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